Sunday, 17 November 2013

Why Government Corruption take place

Do you ever wonder why the Congress of the United States, elected by the people to represent them in government, no longer represents them, nor does it "support and defend the Constitution of the United States" as each member is pledged to do by their oath of office? What has happened? The answer is corruption, corruption so widespread that it threatens the survival of our nation as a democracy. Government Corruption is so generally accepted that it far exceeds the dangers of terrorism, as it seeps into the most critical agencies of government and our national life. Congress is the pivot point, the compass of our national direction. It is the meeting point of corporate power and national government. From the moment our newly elected Representatives assume their posts in Washington, they are introduced to the rule of money."Freshmen are pushed and pushed and pushed to raise money - it's how they are judged by the leadership and the political establishment in Washington," said Mr. (Brad) Miller, who added that he felt the same pressure when he joined the Financial Services Committee in 2003 as a freshman. "It's only natural that it has got to be on your mind that a vote one way or other is going to affect the ability to raise money."
Are the parameters for anti-corruption probes too narrow, leaving large areas exempt from scrutiny? In Florida I think the obvious answer is yes. Especially in Central Florida. I live in Seminole County and I’ve spent a good part of the last ten years researching a community development matter which never passed the stink test. It was something that should have caught the attention of the authorities, but never did. Since then I’ve tried to understand why, but like most things in Florida, it defies logic. Around here, political witch hunts are the closest thing we have to anti-corruption probes and it’s just not enough. Instead of selecting politicians who have fallen from favor, what we really need is a good shake up which digs deep to get rid of the local operatives who use ethics like a bargaining chip. Until that happens the reality we live with is that it doesn’t take much to lower the ethical standards in our communities. Any honest person has to realize, even if he or she refuses to openly admit it, that the current social and political climate in America today is utterly sobering, to say the least. We the People, who are supposed to be represented by a government structure designed to protect our liberties, have become enslaved to ruthless tyrants that have infiltrated the system’s highest ranks. From local officials all the way up to the office of the presidency, Government Corruption has encroached virtually every crevice of the civil structure, and yet there is no conjoined or unified effort by the populace at large to do anything about this travesty.

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